GES Water Conservation Division Brings a Professional Staff with More Than 50 Years’ Combined Experience in Developing Water Conservation Projects: Global Energy Services - Water Conservation

  • To date the GES Water Conservation division staff have developed and installed over 150 large-scale water projects, saving our clients over 2 billion gallons of water/sewer and the associated costs
  • GES has extensive experience in the MUSH (Municipalities, Universities, Schools & Healthcare), Federal, Property Management, Military Installations, Government Agencies, Private Corporations and Penal Facilities markets
  • All GES Water Conservation projects are performed with in-house installation teams comprised of licensed plumbers, experienced journeymen and on-site project managers

GES Water Conservation division offers the following services: ges-steam-pipe

  • Investment grade water audits
  • Design/build domestic water conservation retrofits
  • Steam system optimization
  • Measurement and verification for water conservation installations
  • Energy-efficient hot water recirculation systems
  • Efficient irrigation system upgrades
  • Wastewater reuse systems
  • Rainwater harvesting and green roof systems
  • Chilled water drinking fountain systems and ice machines
  • Energy- and water-efficient laundry systems
  • Facility leak detection
  • Solar hot water

When GES develops your project, we keep three key points in mind: Global Energy Services - Dripping Faucet

  • Be Conservative
  • Be Comprehensive
  • Be Cost-Effective
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