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Boost Profit by Reducing Energy and Operating Costs

Global Energy Services - LightingMaximizing lighting system performance and reducing energy costs through energy-efficient lighting and scheduled maintenance is a low-risk investment generating long-term financial advantages. Depending upon hours of operation, energy-efficient lighting offers an average two year payback and a higher ROI than most other building upgrades.

Through an integrated consult/engineer/design/build/maintain approach, Global Energy Services optimizes your building’s lighting and operational performance while helping to maximize the financial performance of your business.

Our flexible project development and implementation strategies enhance our customers’ ability to make sound energy decisions and achieve positive economic results through sustainable and green lighting technologies.


Construction-Grade Lighting Audits
Conducting a lighting audit is the first step to determining specific lighting retrofit recommendations and the potential energy cost savings that upgraded lighting components could generate in your facility.

A Global Energy Services construction-grade lighting audit documents all interior and exterior lit spaces to evaluate:

  • The existing lighting fixtures
  • How much power (wattage) is currently needed to operate them
  • The average daily hours of operation
  • The kinds of lighting controls (if any) are installed
  • The tasks performed in various spaces (to compare actual lighting levels with those recommended for the tasks involved)

By providing a baseline of current lighting equipment, requirements and energy use, the lighting audit allows GES to assess how to maximize your energy cost savings, workplace productivity and safety issues with specific energy-efficient lighting upgrade strategies and lighting technology options tailored to your needs.

Scope of Audit
GES will provide a detailed construction-grade lighting audit including the following:

  • A room by room lighting fixture count
  • Pre-foot candle measurement in every room
  • An accurate and detailed energy savings per room
  • Smart applications for occupancy sensor installation
  • Data loggers installed in restrooms, hallways and office space to determine occupancy vs. lights left on
  • Detailed maintenance savings
  • Environmental impact foot print
  • ROI and payback analysis
  • Detailed ballast and lamp recycling price
  • Turnkey lighting proposal to retrofit your facility with new energy efficient fixtures, new 12.5 watt LED lamps that will reduce your system watts from 20% to 40% in energy cost savings while maintaining or increasing light levels and/or multi-volt low power electronic ballasts. The price for a construction-grade audit is $.01 to $.03 per square foot and will be credited back to the project if the customer proceeds with the GES lighting retrofit.

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Energy-Efficient Lighting Retrofits

A Lighting Retrofit Powers Your Bottom Linet5-and-t8

Building owners and facility managers of commercial, institutional and government facilities turn to Global Energy Services to reduce their carbon footprint and achieve significant immediate and long-term energy cost savings through an energy-efficient lighting upgrade.

Our turnkey lighting retrofits provide a comprehensive portfolio of energy-efficient lighting technologies and services from lighting audits to building-wide lighting system upgrades and post-installation maintenance

Benefits of a Lighting Retrofit
Energy-Efficient Lighting Products
Utility Rebates and Incentives
Performance Contracting & Financing

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Benefits of a Lighting Retrofit

Cut Lighting Energy Costs Up to 50%

Energy-efficient lamps, ballasts and lighting controls produce immediate and long-term energy and operational cost savings over their 10 to 20 year product life cycles.

Enhance Facility Asset Value
According to the U.S. Department of Energy, every energy-efficient dollar invested in a facility returns as much as $3.00 in building asset value.

Rapid Payback

Depending upon hours of operation, a typical lighting upgrade delivers an average payback of two years.

Reduce Maintenance and Replacement Costs

Energy-efficient lighting components have service lives up to 10 times greater than standard products, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

Cooling System Savings

Energy-efficient lighting produces less heat, resulting in additional cooling system energy savings.

Leverage Utility and Government Rebates

Recognizing the value of reducing energy demand, many electric utilities, state and municipal governments offer rebates and tax incentives for the installation of energy-efficient lighting.

A Capital Improvement That Requires No Capital

You can undertake a retrofit with little or no up-front capital through financing that lets you pay for the retrofit over time through a portion of the energy cost savings achieved.

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Energy-Efficient Lighting Productsges-energy-efficient-lighting-products

Light Emitting Diode (LED) Fixtures and Linear LED Tubes
Nearly all of GES’ lighting projects consist of a full LED lighting scope.  LED lighting creates savings opportunities across all spaces and fixture types of a lighting system.  Through the use of screw-in LED lamps, LED linear T8/T5 replacement tubes and new LED indoor and outdoor fixtures, GES is able to cut the energy usage of each fixture by over 50%.  With L70 lumen maintenance ranging from 50,000 to 100,000 hours, customers are realizing astronomical maintenance savings in addition to the energy savings.

Wireless Lighting Controls

Dimming LED or fluorescent fixtures, in conjunction with lighting controls, can dim light levels based on lack of activity in an area. Motion sensors shut off lighting when rooms are unoccupied. Savings for these technologies can be as high as 50% compared to constant full light output.

Daylight HarvestingGlobal Energy Services - Day Light Harvesting
This technology integrates photo-electric sensors and dimming ballasts into fluorescent fixtures to automatically adjust light levels based on available daylight, providing energy savings up to 30%.

Light Emitting Diode (LED) Exit Signs 

LED exit signs provide superior illumination for 25 years or more, virtually eliminating lamp replacement and maintenance costs. LED technology provides bright, even illumination, reduces exit sign energy consumption by more than 90% and complies with all applicable safety codes and regulations.

T8 Fluorescent Lamps

In combination with high efficiency electronic ballasts, 28 watt and 25 watt T8 fluorescent lamps reduce energy costs up to 40% compared to older T12 systems, while providing higher lumens and color rendering.

T5 Fluorescent High Output (HO) Lamps
As an energy-efficient high bay (i.e. high ceiling) lighting solution, T5HO fluorescent lamps deliver high-intensity vertical light and use 50% less energy than traditional metal halide high bay lighting.

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Utility Rebates and Incentives

Utility Rebate Sourcing/Procurement

Provided by many utilities to encourage reduced energy consumption, utility rebate programs, where available, are a significant funding source for energy-efficient lighting upgrade projects. Facility owners not only receive rebate revenues, but also benefit from lower utility bills.

Base Load Control/Peak Demand Curtailment

GES can implement base load reduction systems, as well as curtailment programs which reduce energy consumption during peak demand periods when prices for electricity are highest, resulting in lower utility rates for the customer.

Demand Response

GES can integrate load reduction systems with a facility’s existing equipment to reduce electrical loads during peak demand periods. The facility owner then receives a payment from the utility based on the total value of energy generation costs avoided by the utility through load reduction.

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Performance Contracting & Financing

In essence, a performance contract allows the customer to “pay” GES and the finance source over time from a portion of the energy savings derived from the lighting upgrade.

A lighting retrofit is performance-based when its compensation is tied to an agreed upon amount of energy actually saved by the lighting systems upgrade GES designs and installs. Since our own profitability is on the line, our retrofit customers can be assured the upgrade energy savings will pay for the retrofit during the payback period, and ultimately add to the company’s profit margin.

Not only is the building owner who has a performance contract guaranteed specific energy cost savings, which are verified through post-installation measurement but, by the very nature of the business arrangement, they’re also guaranteed high-quality workmanship and service.

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Lighting Maintenance

Many lighting systems are poorly maintained and, as a consequence, consume more energy than necessary while producing less than optimal lighting conditions. GES can perform ongoing lighting maintenance services critical to maintaining the retrofitted light levels in a facility which are important for productivity and safety or for highlighting merchandise in a retail setting.

Light output from commonly used lamps steadily lessens over time, a phenomena known as lamp lumen depreciation. When effective GES maintenance is performed, most lamps are removed before they burn out to ensure the amount of lighting provided by a system is adequate for the lighting requirements and the tasks being performed.

Regular maintenance and fixture cleaning also helps to ensure light-absorbing dust and dirt on lamps and the reflective surfaces of lighting fixtures are removed. Additionally, GES provides bucket truck services for exterior lighting maintenance.

Group Re-Lamping

When you outsource your lighting system maintenance to GES, you save money through more efficient planning, maintenance and operation of your lighting system. For example, group re-lamping—replacing all lamps at once, on a planned basis—saves more than 20% in labor and maintenance costs over randomly replacing lamps one at a time as they fail.

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