Global Energy Services (GES) is a woman-owned lighting retrofit, water conservation, and building envelope services company committed to helping building owners realize immediate energy cost savings by providing cost-effective solutions through energy-efficient products, systems and measures. Our goal is to reduce lighting energy use, decrease water consumption and maintenance and overhead costs to directly impact and increase your net profit and improve the asset value of your building. Global Energy Services offers a value added energy software package where we can provide a computerized dashboard that allows customers to create a baseline of energy usage prior to installation of a lighting retrofit. After installation is complete, the customer can then view energy consumption in real-time using a computer, tablet or cell phone, which GES will provide. This IT software package will allow for the troubleshooting of HVAC issues and the reduction of kilowatts (electric consumption) during peak hours, along with water savings that tie into water conservation measures that GES engineers and designs.

Why GES?

  • 8(a) Certified
  • The convenience of our combined Lighting Efficiency, Water Conservation and Building Envelope divisions
  • In-house install teams for all divisions
  • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • End- to-end project management accountability
  • Fully bonded (up to $50,000,000) and insured
  • Permitted in all 50 states
  • Seasoned industry leader with over 25 years of experience and expertise
  • Serving customers throughout North America
  • Fortune 500, government agencies, healthcare facilities, schools and universities
  • Over 2 million lighting fixtures retrofitted


Our National Reach

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   Federal 8(a)    Certified

Global Energy Services is 8(a) Certified.

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INC. 5000 Award 2017


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