Building Envelope and Operating System Solutions

Our Building Envelope division has specialized expertise in analyzing and identifying operational inefficiencies, malfunctions and deterioration through the forensic evaluation of structures and operating equipment. A non-destructive forensic evaluation provides facility decision-makers with detailed information and video mapping that reduces costs during the planning stages of your project.

Comprehensive Energy-Efficiency Expertise

The GES Building Envelope division has provided forensic evaluations for tens of thousands of commercial, industrial and institutional buildings. GES provides clients with the environmentally-intelligent and energy cost saving building envelope solutions necessary to lay the foundation of any facility energy efficiency project.

Additionally, our engineering, design and project management capabilities enable GES to perform retrofits that correct a facility’s faults and deterioration.

Professional, Dependable, Flexible

Our highly knowledgeable staff enables us to provide a superior level of services such as inspections, infrared testing, building design and operating system and air flow analysis. Our areas of specialized services include:

  • Air barrier systems
  • Infrared imaging and investigative forensic analysis
  • Interpret surface radiation with thermography to identify leakage in buildings
  • Early detection and repair of roof problems
  • Identify distribution blockage within heating and cooling equipment
  • Building insulation
  • Predictive maintenance of high voltage circuits
  • Weatherization services
  • Combustion systems
  • Machinery and electrical
  • Preventative/predictive maintenance through infrared evaluation
  • Commissioning and performance verification
  • Roads and bridges

Building Envelope

Facility solutions you can trust

Natural air filtration is the controlled flow of air through penetration in the building envelope caused by the action of wind and temperature difference. We are able to interpret surface radiation with thermography to identify leakage in buildings. This non-destructive diagnostic is a valuable method for identifying deficiencies in building structure.

Our Building Envelope division has become a leader in the Air Barrier System, providing Air Barrier energy consulting, analysis and facility management services. Air Barrier Systems require no operators and manage peak load demand, resulting in lower costs and better profit margins.

Accurate and fast inspections:

  • Air infiltration
  • Insulation voids/damaged insulation
  • Excessive heat on main electrical
  • Subsurface plumbing leaks
  • Problems of workmanship and materials
  • Burrowing rodents in wall
  • Severity of energy deficiencies

Roof System

Increase energy efficiency to reduce costs

Reduce energy costs and increase energy efficiency with early detection and repair of roof problems, saving thousands of dollars in costly roof tears and replacement.

  • Locate water permeation/saturation
  • Using Electronic Capacitance Moisture Detection, obtain information on operational integrity

Steam/Hot Water System

Stop wasting energy and improve the life span of boilers

You can improve comfort and reduce hot and cold spots in buildings by identifying distribution blockage. Systems can be overburdened with demand for heat when blockage prevents the heating system from proper distribution. This causes undue demand and will force your system to waste energy and shorten the life span of a boiler.

  • Pinpoint each location of blockage
  • Identify malfunctions
  • Reduce costly repairs
  • Reduce periods of long down time for equipment and replacement parts
Hot Spots, Overloads and Imbalances

Hot Spots, Overloads and Imbalances


Phenomenal payback for critical electrical systems

Your company can realize true payback benefits with predictive maintenance of high voltage circuits, eliminating “hot spots” in poor connections. Electrical systems can deteriorate and become critical before detection. Premature equipment failure can result due to a drain on overloaded areas.

Avoid equipment failures and dangerous meltdowns:

  • Detect abnormalities while the system is running at full capacity
  • Identify and place severity ratings on electrical malfunctions


Maintain critical systems to maximize production

Companies who place a strong emphasis on predictive and preventative maintenance are able to maximize production and minimize system failures.

  • Determine operational integrity of a system
  • Reveal anomalies in a system
  • Properly diagnose problems
  • Establish priorities for repairs
  • Develop maintenance schedules
Identification of Voids in Roads and Bridges

Identification of Voids in Roads and Bridges

Roads and Bridges

Save costly infrastructure repairs

Federal, state and local government transportation departments can save thousands of dollars annually when they monitor road and bridge conditions. Infrared imaging and analysis detects subsurface delamination in reinforced concrete.

  • Monitor conditions accurately
  • Document conditions accurately
  • Develop repair plans based on knowledge

This non-destructive test method allows inspection and mapping of delaminations within concrete bridge decking, supports, and ramps. Our software allows operators to mark delaminated areas and print maps showing positions on bridges and roads.

Your Energy-Efficient Facility Partner

The GES Building Envelope division works with your management team to identify the best approach for altering inefficient or deteriorating existing conditions for actual cost reductions. Your management team will be able to make decisions involving capital improvements with the knowledge that the work performed will correct the problem.

Your organization can utilize our assessment procedures to evaluate risk management as the basis for obtaining a reduction on insurance premiums based on the lower risk potential of your building as well as a price-reducing negotiating tool for acquisitions.

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